General Information
Type Dingo
Function General role utility
Year ?
Crew 1
Main Powerplant
Type Pratt&Whitney RT-6A-65B
Power at 0m 850hp (1100hp)
Lift Powerplant
Type PGD-TVA-200
Power at 0m 250hp
Length 12.5m
Height 3.5m
Wingspan 14.5m
Wing area ?m2
Weights and loads
Empty ?kg
Loaded 3600kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp)
Maximum 350km/h (310)
Cruise 250km/h (275)
Landing ?km/h?
Takeoff (ground) 700...800m
Takeoff (water) 800...1000m
Ferry 1300km
With full load 850km
Flight Endurance hmin
Ceiling 3500m
1000m min
Fuel kg
Cargo 850kg
Cabin size LxWxH m3
Seats 7 or 8
Market price 1,5M$

'Dingo' amphibian by NPP "AeroRIK" (Designer General Viktor Morozov)

63k photo, courtesy of Antoine de Saint-Exupery aeroclub aircraft reference

Light multi-role amphibian aircraft with air cushion landing gear, 'Dingo' was designed for cargo-passenger operation from most basic airfields, without developed infrastructure. Aircraft has no analogs on the World market. The basic cargo-passenger model may be re-equipped for any of following roles:

'Dingo' can also operate as a shipborn plane in any roles listed above. Both domestic and imported avionics is considered.

'Dingo' has twin-tailboom layout with low wing and raised tailplane. Pusher and lift engines are located behind the fuselage. 'Landing gear' consists of air cushion, contained between inflatable pontoons and takeoff/landing flaps located at the leading and trailing edges of the wing. In case of failure of both engines, non-crash landing on the ground field is still possible. Utilizing of wing-in-ground effect on touchdown and pontoons as 'skids' provides sufficient safety.

46k RA-27001, Aerorik Dingo, private, Zhukovsky, Moscow, Russia, MAKS95, 25/8/1995
courtesy of Paul Nann

Aircraft mockup was demonstrated at MosAeroShow in 1992. First production batch (6 aircraft) started in 1997 at Nizhnij Novgorod 'Sokol' factory. Estimated market for 'Dingo' is no less than 600 aircraft.

'Dingo' (mockup?) was presented at Zhukovskij MAKS-97 airshow in August 1997. First aircraft was announced in 2-month readiness in May 1999, with some $700,000 necessary to bring aircraft in the air. In July 2000 situation did not change.

TVA-200 270hp, 1610x815x910mm Starter for main engine, air cushion, high pressure air lines, electricity supply in case of main engine failure.

48k from 'Sokol' airworks museum

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