Technical data
Function Experimental
Year 1912
Crew 1
Engines 1*50hp Gnome
Length -
Wingspan -
Wing area -
Empty weight -
Loaded weight -
Wing Load (kg/m2) -
Power load (kg/hp) -
Maximum Speed -

Biplane by A.Ya.Dokuchaev and B.S.Maslennikov (Dokuchaev-2)

64k photo "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.107;

Built by proposal and order of pilot-sportsmen Boris Sergeevich Maslennikov. Similar to Farman-IV, but upper wing was enlarged while the lower one was substantially smaller. Ailerons were on the upper wing only. Wing was cowered with fabric on both sides.

Performed better than series Farman-IV;

Sources: "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" Vol.1, p.107-108

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