General Information
Type Dubna-1 "Bumblebee"
-1 ""
Function General
Year 1994
Crew 1
Powerplant (1)
Type Rotax 582HL
or similar
Power 63hp
Size (m)
Length 5.07
Height ?
Wingspan 9.92
Wing area 10.92m2
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 200
Loaded 450
Wing Load (kg/m2) 41.2
Power load (kg/hp) 7.1
Speed (km/h)
Cruising 110
Landing 65
Roll (m [sec])
Landing ?
Takeoff ?
Range (km)
Practical ?
Ceiling (m)
Maximum ?
Climb (m/sec)
at 0m 4.5
Payload (kg)
Fuel 40l
Cargo ?

Dubna-1 "Bumblebee" (-1 "") by OKB Typhoon ( "")

Multi-role light aircraft "Shmel" on the DMZ assembly line (Dubna photogallery)

Agreement about production of this aircraft was signed between OKB Typhoon and Dubna Machine Works in April 1993. Next year designers moved to Dubna (Moscow region), and on May 21, 1994 "Shmel" (Bumblebee) was flown for the first time.

The single-seater falls into a category of ultra light aircraft and is intended for small cargo transportation, mail delivery to remote locations, forests and gas pipelines patrolling, chemical and biological treatment of crops and other purposes.

A pod-and-boom fuselage of an aircraft is an all-metal semi-monocoque with the frames and load-carrying shell. The single-strut wing structure consists of two spars and a set of ribs. The leading edge of a wing has a rigid skin of aluminum alloy. The remaining part of a wing is covered by percale.

Flying controls are conventional and manual. Ailerons, single-piece elevator and rudder all have no aerodynamic balance. Ground adjustable tabs are fitted on starboard aileron, rudder and each side of elevator. Large dorsal fin serves also as a structural element of the fuselage. Plain flaps.

The plane can operate from field airstrips. Originally a land-based agricultural plane, the "Bumblebee" stands out as an ultra-light hydroplane. In 1996 it was fitted with floats (interchangeable with wheels). At Helendzhik airshow 2001, where it was recognized as the best performer in its class.

Couple of small pictures shows agricultural gear on "Shmel" and its performance at Helendzhik airshow 2001 (article at General Purpose Aviation magazine)

It became a prototype for a line of light airplanes.

Earlier KhAI designs
Dubna-2 "Wasp (Osa)"
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