General Information
Type Dubna-2 "Wasp" (-2 Oca)
Function General
Year 1996
Crew 1
Powerplant (1)
Type Rotax 912UL
Power 80hp
Fuel consumption 13.5l/h
Size (m)
Length 5.97
Height 2.91
Wingspan 9.92
Aspect ratio 9.0
Wing area (m2) 10.92
Wheel base 1.90
Wheel track 1.90
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 296
Maximum takeoff 576
Wing Load (kg/m2) 52.75
Power load (kg/hp) 7.2
Speed (km/h)
Maximum 165
Cruising 115
Takeoff 80
Landing 70
g-Limits +4.0/-2.5
Takeoff (m)
Ground 120
Water 150
Range (km)
Ferry 700
Normal 500
Maximum load 100
Ceiling (m)
Service 4000
Climb (m/sec)
at 0m 3.5
Payload (kg)
Fuel 70l
Cargo 100
Seats 1
Training requirements
Pilot 40h
Tech personnel 150h
Wind limits 12m/sec
Price from $32k

Dubna-2 "Wasp" (-2 "Oca") by OKB Typhoon ( "")

Dubna-2 on floats, Helendzhik Airshow

The Dubna-2 is a light multirole aircraft featuring wheeled or float-type landing gear and powered by the Rotax 912UL 80hp engine. The twin-seater was test-flown in May 1996. Dubna-2 was displayed (as a mockup?) at Moscow Air Show '95 and '97; promoted in China, 1996.

Pusher propulsion scheme provides excellent view for pilot and passenger, adds to fully enclosed cabin comfort. Dubna-2 combines high-tech aviation technologies and materials with low service cost and fuel/oil (automotive) consumption.

Aircraft may be flown from very basic unpaved airstrips. Landing gear is of non-retractable tricycle type with single wheel on each unit. It features arched metal leafspring mainwheel legs (400150mm tires) and trailing-link nosewheel leg (310135mm). If necessary, Dubna-2 may be installed on skis or floats. Special ground service facilities not required for its operation.

Currently in production at the Dubna Machine-building Plant (AO DMZ). Series aircraft are used as agricultural, surveilence (forest, fishery, pipelines), trainers (dual controls are a standard option) and for tourism and leisure. Dubna-2 is also capable to fulfill certain tasks for Ministry of Defence or Internal Affairs. Several "militarized" aircraft were ordered by forest patrol, traffic police and border guards.

Dubna-2 in military colors, AVIALINE.RU

Low Dubna-2 price and service expenses ($80 per flight hour) attracted not only cost-cautious domestic customers. Near 50% of produced aircraft are sold abroad (Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraina). 1/3 of the aircraft - the engine.


Dubna-1 ("Shmel")
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