Dux Twin-engined

Assembly started in 1916 aiming to replace 'Farman-30' which had no rear protection and was too slow.

Two 80hp Rhone were installed between the wings in clean nacells. Pusher propellers (spinner flush with engine nacells) were driven by long shafts. Fuel tanks were placed inside the nacells... around the drive shafts! Quite an irrational solution. Calculated speed was 140km/h.

Crew of 3 (gunner-observer, pilot, rear gunner) was placed in rectangular fuselage covered with fabric.

Except location of fuel tanks, aircraft was more advanced than contemporary Farman's and Voisin's. Aircraft was almost ready, but abandoned in 1917.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.204;
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