AM-39, Mikulin

Experimental high altitude engine. Failed to enter mass production, taking several good aircraft with it.

AM-39 1942 w.c. 1500/1870hp
I-231 2D
I-220-2 'A'

'63' ANT-63 SDB
AM-39A 1942? Vee12, w.c., 2*TK-2B superchargers 1400/1650hp

ITP (M-2)
ITP (M-2)
AM-39F 1942? w.c., supercharged? 1500/1885hp

'63' ANT-63 SDB
AM-39FNV 1945? w.c., supercharged, injection 1500/1850hp

'68' ANT-68 Tu-10 Tu-4
AM-39FN-2 1945? w.c., supercharged? ?hp

'68' ANT-68 Tu-10 Tu-4
AM-39B 1943? w.c., Engine-driven supercharger, Turbocompressor, 1*TK-300B supercharger 1860hp at takeoff
1620hp at 6500m
1430hp at 13200m



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