General Information
Type D-18T
Isp 9000sec
Isp (sea level) 8000sec
Burn Time 3375sec
Chambers 1
Weight and size
Dry Weight 4100kg
Length 5.4m
Width 2.937m
Height 2.792m
Takeoff regime
Thrust 23430kg
Specific fuel consumption 0.350kg/kgf/h
Turbine inlet temperature 1600°K
Cruising regime (ISA conditions)
Altitude 11000km
Speed Mach 0.75
Thrust 4860kg
Pressure ratio 27.5
Bypass ratio 5.7
Specific fuel consumption 0.570kg/kgf/h
Turbine inlet temperature 1395°K

D-18 by Lotarev (G.A.Ivchenko -Progress Design Bureau)

32k photo, courtesy of Rick Slobodian

The D-18T engine was selected in 1984 to power world mightiest transport planes - An-124 Ruslan and An-225 Mria.

The advantages of the engine:

Three-shaft modular engine became a base model for entire line of XXI century aircraft engines with static thrust up to 30t. Gas dynamic quality and high thermal cycle parameters of the D-18T allow to use it as a heart of gas turbine installations with shaft power of 25 to 30MW.

Engine Modules:
  • Fan fairing
  • Fan wheel
  • Fan shaft with bearing
  • Fan casing
  • Fan stator blades
  • Intermediate pressure compressor
  • Main module
  • Thrust reverser
  • Combustion chamber
  • HP turbine rotor
  • Turbine bearing cases
  • IP turbine rotor
  • Fan turbine
  • Rear bearing assembly
  • Rear mount
  • Exhaust cone
  • Exhaust nozzle
  • D-18T engine is manufactured by the Zaporozhye Motorostroitel Industrial Association in cooperation with ZMDB "Progress".

    D-18T 1984 bypass turbojet 32,430kg (??27,500kg) 229,5kN


    D-18TM ? bypass turbojet 25,000kg

    D-18TP ? bypass turbojet 27,500kg

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