Year 1988
Type Experimental multi-fuel bypass turbojet
Thrust 103kN
Fuel consumption 13.74mg/N/sec
Thrust 21.59kN
Fuel consumption 18.42mg/N/sec
Weight (with heat exchanger and cryopump) 2300kg

NK-88 by Kuznetsov Engine Design Bureau


Samara/Trud has been working since about 1968 on the use of LH2/LNG (liquid hydrogen and liquefied natural gas) for various gas-turbine engines. A particularly important development programme was the conversion of an NK-8-2 engine to burn either of the two new liquids, and of the tankage, piping and control system of a Tu-154 to accept such an engine. The result was the Tu-155 aircraft, which on 15 April 1988 became the first jet aircraft to fly with an engine burning liquid hydrogen. This was fed to the modified engine, designated as NK-88, installed in the right-hand (not centre) position. After 12 flights the aircraft was converted to feed LNG to the test engine, thereafter flying to Nice, Hanover and Berlin. Kuznetsov Engine Design Bureau would like to test these fuels on an A310 with JT9D engines, followed by PW4000s. All this work is directed towards the NK-89, intended to power all versions of Tu-156.

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