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The RD-33 turbojet engine is one of the best bypass engines of the fourth generation in its thrust class. The engine powers the well known Russian MiG-29 fighter and its modifications. This fighter powered by the RD-33 engine has been awarded the Lenin Prize and the State Prize of the Soviet union. The nozzle with thrust vectoring was developed to improve the MiG-29 fighter performance.

At present the RD-33N modification is developed to power the single-engine aircraft (the MiG-21). Other derivatives include:

  • SMR-95 for updating of French Mirage III and Mirage F-1 fighters;
  • RD-93 to power the new Chinese Super-7 fighter.
  • The engine is of modular design. This allows to master engines local repair with modules replacement instead of replacing engine as a whole. Due to its high stability the RD-33 doesn't limit the aircraft piloting, features high rate of thrust increase at flight speed that is of special importance for a combat fighter.

    Other design details:

  • 4-stage axial flow low pressure compressor;
  • 9-stage axial flow high pressure compressor;
  • short annular combustion chamber with 24 burners;
  • single stage high pressure turbine;
  • single stage low pressure turbine;
  • bypass duct;
  • afterburner with variable nozzle;
  • electronic hydromechanical automatic control system;
  • ModelRD-33



    Year ?
    Type bypass turbojet
    Full Afterburner
    Thrust 8300kg
    Fuel consumption2.1kg/kgf/hour
    Maximum without afterburner
    Thrust 5040kg
    Fuel consumption0.77kg/kgf/hour
    other parameters
    Bypass ratio 0.46
    Compression 21
    Maximum turbine inlet temperature 1680°K
    Resource 4000h
    Length 4230mm
    Maximum Diameter1040mm
    Weight 1055kg

  • The RD-33 bypass turbojet
  • RD-33, RD-33K, RD-93, SRM-95, RD-33N, RD-133, RD-333, VKS-5, VKS-9
  • Chernyshev Machine-Building Enterprise

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