TR-1, A.M.Lyulka

The first Lyulka's flying turbojet was the TR-1, a completely indigenous design starting a highly successful series of Lyulka engines. Two TR-1s rated at 1,350kg of thrust powered Sukhoi Su-11 fighter (the first aircraft with this designation and the one resembling, but not copied !! from Me-262) and four - S.V.Ilyushin Il-22 bomber, both flew in 1947.

I-305 (MiG-9 version) was built but not flown due to poor reliability of the engine.

TR-1 1947? turbojet 1350kg
I-305 Su-11

Based on "Samoliotostroyenie v SSSR (1917-1945)" [Aircraft Development in the USSR], Vol 2, published by TsAGI in 1994. Prepared by Alexander Velovich;
Found at the Russian Aviation Page
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