Technical data
Type Farman F-XX
Function Observation, Trainer
Year 1913
Crew 2
Engines 1*80hp Gnome
Length 8.06m
Wingspan 13.76m
Wing area 35.0m2
Empty weight 416kg
Loaded weight 675kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 19.1
Power load (kg/hp) 8.4
Speed at 0m 95km/h
Landing Speed 55km/h
Range 315km
Flight Endurance 3h30min
Ceiling 2500m
500m 8.0min
1000m 20.0min
2000m 55min
Fuel 82+27kg

Farman F-XX

28k picture, courtesy of Maksim Starostin, author of the Virtual Aircraft Museum

Similar to Farman-XVI, with refined design. Some construction elements were made lighter, other - strengthened. Some F-XX had dual controls. Aircraft was built at Anatra and Schetinin factories. Anatra continued production until 1922.

Last Farman F-XX was serving at Sevastopol aviator school in 1923.

12k drawing from the Virtual Aircraft Museum



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