Technical data
Type Farman F-27
Function Observation
Year 1916
Crew 2
Engines 1*150hp Salmson
Length 9.22m
Height ?m
Wingspan 16.15m
Wing area 60.60m2
Empty weight 700kg
Loaded weight 1050kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 17.3
Power load (kg/hp) 7.0
Speed at 0m 132km/h
Landing Speed 60km/h
Range 520km
Flight Endurance 4h
Ceiling 4500m
500m 3.5min
1000m 7.5min
2000m 20min
3000m 34min
Fuel+Oil 160+24kg
Guns 1

Farman-27, F-27

Pusher biplane with converging tail frame, 4-wheel undercarriage and shallow (slightly above the knee) gondola. High aspect ratio (8) wings were of wooden design, 'fuselage' - steel tubes. Pilot occupied front seat, observer - the rear one. Machinegun was installed on 'arch' above pilot's head and could be fired by observer.

In 1916 50 Farman-27 were built at Dux factory. Aircraft went into military service as observation platform, despite wings failed static tests and calculations performed by (than students) V.P.Vetchinkin and A.A.Arhangelsky revealed that construction is dangerously weak and overloaded.

Farman-27 had very poor maneuverability. Nonetheless, military pilot A.K.Tumanskij managed to down attacking German fighter while flying this wonder.

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