Technical data
Type G-1
Function Cargo Cargo floatplane
Year 1936
Crew 2
Engines 1*500/730hp M-17
Length 18.00m 18.90m
Wingspan 28.7m
Wing area 120.0m2
Empty weight 4500kg 4800kg
Loaded weight 7500kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 62.5
Power load (kg/hp) 7.50
Speed at 0m 201km/h 190km/h
Landing Speed 90km/h
Landing Roll 18sec -
Takeoff Roll 15sec -
Range 950km 700km
Ceiling 2850m -
1000m 9.5min -
2000m 23.4min -
Load 1400kg 1100kg

G-1 by A.N.Tupolev

Retired TB-1 bombers with M-17 engines were stripped of armament and reassigned to civil service. Saved weight compensated for previous gain during repairs, and flying performance was practically identical to freshly built bombers.

Aeroflot used G-1 only as a cargo plane, it was banned from carrying passengers. It was an over-insurance, because no fatal accident happened with those rugged planes in civil service. Despite they were used to the very limit, staying in operation during years and years and accumulating thousands hours of flight time.

Both land-based and floatplane versions were employed by Aeroflot


ANT-4 TB-1

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