Technical data
Type G-22
Function Aerobatic
Year 1936 1939 1940
Crew 1
Engines 1*50hp Walter-Micron 1*80hp Pobjoy 1*65hp M-23
Length 5.6m 5.7m 5.6m
Wingspan 8.7m
Wing area 10.0m2
Empty weight 210kg ? ?
Loaded weight 325kg ? ?
Wing Load (kg/m2) 32.5 - -
Power load (kg/hp) 6.5 - -
Maximum Speed at 0m 165km/h 190km/h 170km/h
Cruise Speed 150-160km/h
Landing Speed 55km/h 55km/h 60km/h
Landing Roll 85m ?
Takeoff Roll 80m ?
Range 300km 350km -
Flight Endurance 2h 2h 2h
Ceiling 3000m -
Fuel+Oil 35kg - -

G-22 by V.K.Gribovskij

35k b/w drawing from 'Krylia Rodiny' magazine, 198?

Aerobatic single-seater with open cockpit. G-22 was built in 1936 and dedicated to X Congress of VLKSM. All project (from first drawings to aircraft roll-out) was done in 2 months - January 7 to March 7.

Wing had removable automatic leading edge slats. G-22 was re-engined few times.

On July 3, 1936 female-pilot Ekaterina Mednikova set an international speed record (of course in the G-22 class!) - 164.94km/h.


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