Technical data
Type G-25 G-25bis
Function Trainer Trainer
Year 1937 1938
Crew 1+1
Engines 1*85hp Pobjoy-Niagara II 1*85hp GAZ-AVIA
Length 6.4m 6.4m
Wingspan 9.0m 9.0m
Wing area 23.0m2 23.0m2
Empty weight 430kg 500
Loaded weight 630kg 700
Wing Load (kg/m2) 27.4 30.4
Power load (kg/hp) 7.4 8.3
Maximum Speed at 0m 170km/h 165km/h
Landing Speed 55km/h 65km/h
Landing Roll 60m 80m
Takeoff Roll 40m 80m
Range 280km 270km
Flight Endurance 2h
Fuel+Oil 40kg 40kg

G-25 and G-25bis trainers by V.K.Gribovskij

Painting from "Modelist-Konstructor" magazine

Two-seat primary trainer biplane. Similar in layout to famous U-2, it was substantially smaller.

Painting from "Modelist-Konstructor" magazine

In 1938 G-25 was re-engined with rebuilt automobile engine GAZ-AVIA. Despite power of new engine was same as of the original "Pobjoy", it was heavier and the aircraft performance suffered.

Abandoned after trial flights.

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