Technical data
Type G-3
Function Artillery spotter
Year 1945
Crew 1
Engines 2*350/450hp Pratt-Whitney R-985AN1
Rotor diameter 2*7.0m
Length ?
Width (with rotors)?
Empty weight 2195kg
Loaded weight 2600kg
Rotor (disk) load 33.8
Power load (kg/hp) 2.9
Maximum Speed 170km/h
Static Ceiling 1100m
Dynamic Ceiling 2500m
Range ?
Seats 1

G-3, OKB-3/MAI I.P.Bratukhin

Development of the Omega-II with imported engines.

It was the first helicopter in the USSR with defined military function - artillery spotter. Small series was started before two first machines completed the test program.

At least one G-3 was transferred to military unit for training purposes.

Predecessor: Omega-II;
Modifications: G-4

Sources [6], Vol.2 p.436;

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