Technical data
Type Gr-1
Function Escort fighter
Year 1941
Crew 1
Engines 2*1400hp AM-37
Length ?m
Wingspan 15.8m
Wing area 42.0m2
Loaded weight 7650kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 182
Power load (kg/hp) 2.73
Speed at 0m 448km/h
Speed at 7200m 595km/h
Landing Speed 120km/h
Range 1890km
Ceiling 11700m
8000m 9.8min
Guns 4*7.62mm ShKAS
2*20mm ShVAK
Bombs 500kg
Rockets 8*RS-82 or RS-132

Gr-1 (Grushin-1) by P.D.Grushin

Single-seat two-engine long range escort fighter of conventional twin-tail layout. Gr-1 was an all-metal aircraft with armored cockpit. It was very compact for two-engine plane (see table), and wing load was very high for the time (182kg/m2).

Gr-1 carried formidable barrel armament (salvo 3.7kg/sec), RS-82 or RS-132 rockets and 500kg of internal bombload.

Design process and construction were done in record short time (nine months). Static trials were performed in Spring 1941. War outbreak forced to stop flight tests and evacuate the aircraft. On the way train carrying Gr-1 was destroyed by the Luftwaffe bombers...

I wonder if the G-38 (Grokhovskij) materials were not transferred to Grushin, when the former team was disbanded...

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