Technical data
Type PBY-5A
Function reconnaissance
Year 1939
Crew 7
Engines 2*895kW P&W R-1830-92
Wing Span 31.70m
Length 19.47m
Height 6.15m
Wing Area 130.06m2
Empty Weight 9845kg
Max.Weight 16066kg
Speed 288km/h
Ceiling 4480m
Range 4096km
Guns 2*mg12.7mm
Bombs 1814kg

GST, Licence-built Consolidated PBY Catalina.

The most famous flying boat of WWII, built in large numbers. The Catalina carried its big wing on a pylon on top of the fuselage. It was slow and hence vulnerable, but had long range and was reliable. The PBY was also built in the USSR and Canada, and flew in British, French, Soviet, Australian, Dutch and Canadian service.

GST stays for GydroSamoliot Transportnyj, Cargo Hydroplane.

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