12k and 8k color photos of GSh-301 cannon and its ammunition, found at www.aviation.ru and manufacturer's site.
Year ?
Caliber 30mm
Projectile ~400g
Rate of fire 1,500-1,600rpm
Muzzle velocity 660m/s
Weight 46kg
Overall length 1,978mm
Barrel length ?mm

Small movie of GSh-301 in action.

GSh-301 30mm cannon

Designation stands for Gryazev-Shipunov 30mm, single-barrel.

This gun is currently produced by Izhmash JSC, a Russian company which can trace back its origins as far as 1807. Its design is based on the highly successful 30mm 2A42 cannon used in the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. It is a single-barrel gun with an ammunition feed mechanism capable of receiving the ammo from left or right side.

Among the aircraft types the GSh-301 is currently used are the MiG-29, the Su-27, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35 and Su-37. During its operational testing, the GSh-301 obviously had some teething problems. In air-to-air firing the gun is reported to have jammed after firing just four to six rounds - but this was always enough to bring the target down!

Deputy General Designer Valdenberg of the MiG-29 stated that had he had known that this gun was so accurate, he would have specified only half the ammunition load and saved the weight. The GSh-301 usually fires Type 9-A-4002 high-explosive fragmentation/incendiary and Type 9-A-4511 armor-piercing tracer rounds from the AO-18 ammunition family.

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