N-37 37mm cannon

Designed by A.E. Nudel'man with assistance by A.A. Suranov, V. Nemenov, A.A. Rikhter and P. Gribkov.

27k b/w photo of the servicing of the N-37D cannon of a MiG-17 from Squadron/Signal's "MiG-17 in Action".
25k b/w photo (same source), showing the N-37D cannon of a Polish LIM-6bis (licence-built MiG-17F) and its ammunition.

Designed in 1946 to replace NS-37 cannon of 1941. 23% drop in muzzle velocity was compensated by 60% increase in fire rate. Weight was cut by 30%, weapon became more compact and suitable for light jet fighters: MiG-9, MiG-15 and others. The N-37D was an improved variant of the basic design.

Year 1946
Caliber 37mm
Projectile 735g
Rate of fire 400rpm
Muzzle velocity 690m/s
Weight 103kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm

Modified May 5, 2000
by Thomas Heinz;
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