Year ?
Caliber 57mm
Projectile 2,780g
Rate of fire ?
Muzzle velocity 980m/s
Weight 290kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm

N-57 57mm cannon

41k b/w photo of N-57 in F-1 prototype of MiG-9 from "OKB MiG - a history of the design bureau and its aircraft"

T his gun, designed by A.E. Nudel'man was another enlarged NS-37 and also known under the designation OKB-16-57.

It seems that there were only test installations of this gun in some prototypes during the closing stages of the war and the immediate post-war period. Apart from the MiG-9 prototype shown above this may have included a small number of Yak-9Ks also. Obviously the weight, recoil and dimensions of this weapon prevented its successful use in aircraft.

Created for RAM October 7, 2000
by Thomas Heinz;
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