NR-23 23mm cannon

Year 1949
Caliber 23mm
Projectile 200g
Rate of fire 850rpm
Muzzle velocity690m/s
Weight 39kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm
11k b/w photo of the NR-23 cannon from "Sowjetische Jagdflugzeuge" ("Soviet Fighters") by W. Kopenhagen.

Designed by A.E.Nudel'man and A.A.Rikhter.

The NR-23, a design based on the VYa, became available in 1949, at first exclusively for use in fighters. Later it also replaced the B-20 as the major defense weapon for heavy bombers, being part of the NV-23 defensive complex. For several years the NR-23 was the major barrel weapon in Soviet bombers and fighters.

This gun used the same ammunition as the NS-23, but a better cartridge feed mechanism and other mechanical improvements increased the rate of fire by 55%. In China was built a copy under the designation 'Model 23-1'.

During tests in the USA a rate of fire of only 650rpm was achieved.

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