9k b/w photo of the NR-30 cannon from "Sowjetische Jagdflugzeuge" ("Soviet Fighters") by W. Kopenhagen.
Year 1954
Caliber 30mm
Projectile 410g
Rate of fire 900-1,000rpm
Muzzle velocity 780m/s
Weight 66kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm

NR-30 30mm cannon

Designed by A.E. Nudel'man and A.A. Rikhter.

This powerful gun, an enlarged NR-23, for use with fighters and fighter-bombers appeared in 1954. Being 50% heavier than its predecessor, it had a higher rate of fire, muzzle velocity and doubled projectile weight.

It was lighter than any other contemporary 30mm gun and in its days the most powerful aircraft gun worldwide. Even at the end of the 1980s it has been reported to be still in use with tactical combat aircraft in four different variants. Normally the gun is equipped with a muzzle brake with integrated flame damper.

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