19k b/w drawing of NS-23 (top) and NS-23S from "Sowjetische Bombenflugzeuge" ("Soviet Bombers"), by W. Kopenhagen.
Year 1945
Caliber 23mm
Projectile 200g
Rate of fire 550rpm
Muzzle velocity 690m/s
Weight 37kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm

NS-23 23mm cannon

Designed by A.E. Nudel'man and A.A. Suranov with assistance by G. Zhirnykh, V. Nemenov, S. Ludin and M. Bundin.

Year 1945 replacement for the VYa cannon. It was much smaller and lighter, but on expense of lower muzzle speed. Actually it was an NS-37 reduced in size and adapted for standard 23mm ammunition. Like its predecessor it was recoil-operated. The ammunition was fed pneumatically.

Built in three modifications: non-synchronized (wing mount, jet fighters), synchronized NS-23S and turret-mounted for bomber defence. In publications there can also be found the designation NS-23KM, maybe this was used for the prototypes.

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