Year 1944
Caliber 45mm
Projectile 1,065g
Rate of fire 250rpm
Muzzle velocity 850m/s
Weight 152kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm

NS-45 45mm cannon

13k b/w photo of NS-45 from "Soviet combat aircraft of the Second World War"

Another design by A.E.Nudel'man and A.A.Suranov and in fact simply an enlarged NS-37. This gun became available in 1944 It is also known under the designations 11-P-45, NS-P-45 and OKB-16-45. It proved to be an effective weapon against ground and aerial targets, but was not very reliable. Its recoil was 40% greater than that of the NS-37, thus further increasing the problems encountered there with the recoil, especially when the gun was installed in small aircraft like single-seat fighters.

A small pre-production batch of NS-45-equipped (with 15 rounds, another source states 29 rounds) Yak-9K fighters was built at the beginning of 1944 for service evaluation. But due to the troubles caused by the recoil (only one-shot-"salvos" could be fired at near top speed without seriously affecting aircraft handling and the stress imposed on the aircraft's structure often caused leakages and cracks of water and oil pipes) this version did not go into mass production. Furthermore, the "universal" gun mounts of the TK and UT variants of the Yak-9 were able to accommodate the usual guns from 20 to 45mm caliber with only minor modifications to the attachment points and ammunition supply and there may have been some examples equipped with NS-45 guns, too. There were also prototype installations of the NS-45 in a Yak-3 and an Il-2.

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