ShVAK 12.7mm machine gun

Shpital'nyi-Vladimirov Aviatsionnaya Krupnokalibernaya - large caliber aircraft gun designed by B.G. Shpital'nyi and S.V. Vladimirov.

12.7mm modification of the ShKAS 7.62mm machine gun and forerunner of the 20mm ShVAK cannon.

Year 1935
Caliber 12.7mm
Projectile 48g
Rate of fire ?rpm
Muzzle velocity ?m/s
Weight ?kg
Overall length ?mm
Barrel length ?mm

Appeared in 1935, but seems not to be widely used. The Berezin UB designs had already been selected for large-scale production and parallel production of two guns of similar performance was not desirable. The Yatsenko I-28 fighter prototypes are reported to have been equipped with two of those guns.

Modified May 5, 2000
by Thomas Heinz;
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