Technical data
Type I-152
Function fighter
Year 1937
Crew 1
Engines 1*775hp M-25V
Speed 364km/h
Ceiling 8000m
Range 800km
Armament 4*mg7.62mm
bombs 100kg

TsKB-3bis, I-152, I-15bis by N.N.Polikarpov

I-152 at Monino AF Museum (43K), by Paul Nann

Biplane fighter. Development of the I-15 with a straight upper wing and a more powerful engine; The I-152 was used in Spain and China, and also fought in WWII.

Flown with DM-2 ramjet engines in December 1939. As happened with other experiments with additional ramjets on fighters, outcome was negative. When ramjet is 'off', drag is too high. When 'on' - fuel consumption too high.

2408 built.

I-152 at Monino AF Museum (43K), by Paul Nann

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