I-16 Type 27 by N.N.Polikarpov

This cannon-armed I-16 replaced the I-16 Type 17 attacker on production lines. Its armament was identical to Type 17. Airframe and more powerful M-62 engine were taken from I-16 Type 18 fighter. Large fuel consumption of the engine was compensated by slipper-type fuel tanks, developed on the I-16 Type 20 test aircraft.

Type 17 rolled out just in time to participate in 1939 clashes over Mongolia with the Japanese.

Limited supply of the 20mm ShVAK cannons resulted in limited production (1,184 Type 17 and Type 27 built trough the Spring of 1940), but I-16 attack variants performed well (thanks for rugged design) and played significant role during first year of the Nazi invasion, until the Il-2 became available in large quantities.

During The Great Patriotic War many Type 17/27 served with main wheel covers removed due to operation from muddy unprepared fields.

I-16 Type 17
I-16 Type 18

  • 'Polikarpov Fighters in action, Part 2' by Hans-Herri Stapfer.
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