Technical data
Type I-211
Function fighter
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 2*1365kg Lyulka TR-1
Wing Span 12.25m
Length 11.54m
Height 3.68m
Wing Area 25.00m2
Empty Weight 4360kg
Maximum Weight 7450kg
Speed 935km/h
Range 1550km
Armament 3*g37mm

I-211, S.M.Alexeev

Twin-engined jet fighter. The I-211 was similar to the project 302, but with turbojets instead of ramjets/rocket combination, and engines lifted to mid-wing nacells (more famous than the 302, but later aircraft with similar silhouette was British Gloster Meteor).

It was underpowered, also because the TR-1 engines never delivered the expected thrust. Abandoned in favor of the I-215.

One built.

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