Technical data
Type I-307/MiG-9
Function Fighter
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 2*1000kg RD-20F
Length 9.83m
Wingspan 10.0m
Wing area 18.2m2
Empty weight 3471kg
Loaded weight 5117kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 281
Power load (kg/hp) 2.56kg/kgf
Speed at *m 950km/h
Landing Speed 165km/h
Ceiling 13000m
5000m 2.9min
Guns 1*g37mm NS-37
2*g23mm NS-23

I-307/MiG-9/FF A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Fargo'

(100k) from Ned Avejic collection;

Another production version of the I-300/F. It was almost identical to the I-301/FS, except afterburning RD-20F engines.

  • 'MiG-9 with the butterfly' had a distinctive butterfly-shaped 'muffler' on the NS-37 cannon. It was added to re-direct gun smoke away from engine intake. The reason was obvious - in several cases firing of this big gun chocked the engine with a smoke. This was a 1948 modification of serial 'FF' and came too late, because at the time this aircraft was already retiring.

  • References:
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.305-308;

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