Technical data
Type Il-10
Function attack
Year 1945
Crew 2
Engines 1*2000hp Mikulin AM-42
Wing Span 13.40m
Length 11.06m
Height 4.18m
Wing Area 30m2
Empty Weight 4680kg
Maximum Weight 6535kg
Speed 507km/h (ground?)
551km/h at 2,800m (loaded)
Ceiling 7500m
Range 1000km
Guns 2*g23mm VYa-23
1*mg12.7mm UBK
Bombs bombs 400kg
Rockets 4*RS-82 rockets
Other equipment S13 gun camera in starboard wing

Il-10, S.V.Ilyushin 'Beast'

Photo by (Paul Nann) (37k)

Development of the Il-2, completely redesigned. On low altitude this plane had enough speed and agility to perform active combat again enemy fighters. Used during the final stages of WWII and in Korea.

4966 built in the USSR, and some 1200 more in Czechoslovakia as BB-33.

At the Alexej Gretchihine R.A.P.Monino AF Museum near Moscow; Photo (14k) by John Sloan;

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