General Information
Type Il-100 Il-100A
Function Commuter transport
Year 2000 (project announced)
Crew ?
Type 2*NK-123
Power at takeoff 2*650hp
Length ?m ?m
Height ?m ?m
Wingspan ?m ?m
Wing area ?m2 ?m2
Weights and loads
Empty ?kg ?kg
Loaded ?kg ?kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ? ?
Power load (kg/hp) ? ?
at 0m ?km/h ?km/h
at 4000m 370km/h ?km/h
Landing ?km/h ?km/h
Landing 260m ?m
Takeoff 400m ?m
Passenger 1000km (12) ?m
argo 500km (1500kg) ?m
Ceiling ?m ?m
Fuel ?kg ?kg
Cargo 1500kg ?kg
Cabin size LxWxH ?m3 (same as An-2) ?m3
Seats 12 18 to 20
Airframe resource 60000h ?h
Service intensity 2500h/year ?h

Il-100 and Il-100A by Ilyushin KB

Commuter aircraft of Cessna-Caravan class with improved comfort for passengers by Ilyushin KB. Production is planned at MAPO Lukhovitsky Machine Building Plant.

Aircraft assembly will start after airlines make purchase commitments for at least 50 planes, since finishing the project and certification require some 20 to 30 million $US. International market price tag is expected on level 0.8 to 1.0 million $US, at some 50% of foreign analogs. It is expected that to take 5-7 years of the Il-100 production and sales to pay back the costs.

Ilyushin KB promises to have the first Il-100 flying two years after those commitments are received. Designers make accent of simple technology and easy service of the plane. For example, Il-100 will not require a hangar for routine checks and service.

Operating on commuter lines, Il-100 will be able to 'work full time', i.e. 8 hours per day and finally replace the veteran An-2. Installation of two turboprop engines allows to cut fuel consumption by factor 1,5. NK-123 engine require cheaper fuel than ASh-62 of the An-2. Total service cost expected to be 40% less than (already low) one of the aging veteran biplane, some 1,500 of still in service.

Installation of imported 450-500hp Allison or Pratt & Whitney is considered as a secondary option.

PredecessorsModifications (planned)
? Il-100A Floatplane Cartography
Ski mounted for Polar regions Transport with rear cargo door Military Patrol variant
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