Technical data
Type Il-102
Function attack
Year 1972
Crew 2
Engines 2*8300kg RD-33
Length 50.0m
Wingspan 47.0m
Empty weight ?kg
Loaded weight 22000kg
Speed 900km/h
Ceiling 14000m
Range 5000km
Guns 1*23mm DP NR-23
Rockets Assorted AS and AA
Bombs 7200kg
Nuclear capable

Il-102, S.V.Ilyushin

32k Il-102 with payload options, courtesy of Yanko's Russian Weapons Catalog;

A low-wing, well-armored twin-engined ground attack aircraft. The Il-102 is a two-seater with the second crewmember in an aft-facing position behind the wing, directing guns in the extreme tail. In all, this aircraft looks anachronistic.

The Su-25 was selected for production.

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