Technical data
Type Il-14
Function transport
Year 1953
Crew 2
Engines 2*1900hp Shvetsov ASh-82T
Wing Span 31.70m
Length 22.30m
Height 7.90m
Wing Area 99.70m2
Empty Weight 12600kg
Maximum Weight 18000kg
Speed 417km/h
Ceiling 7400m
Range 1086mls
PayLoad 26 seats

Il-14, S.V.Ilyushin 'Crate'

Bulgarian Il-14 (37k) from Ned Avejic collection;

Twin-engined transport, development of the Il-12. The Il-14 was much refined, with a new wing and a more angular tailfin. Over 1000 were built, some sources claiming more than 3500 (I'll rather believe in the second number - those are almost everywhere in the USSR/Russia - A.S.).

Reliable and wide used in rural areas with poor quality airfields.

Small 5k picture

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