Technical data
Type Il-18D
Function transport
Year 1965
Crew 5
Engines 4*3169kW G.A.Ivchenko AI-20M
Wing Span 37.40m
Length 35.90m
Height 10.17m
Wing Area 140m2
Empty Weight 35000kg
Maximum Weight 64000kg
Speed 675km/h
Ceiling 10000m
Range 6500km
PayLoad 90 seats

Il-18, S.V.Ilyushin 'Clam'/'Coot'

Il-18 (43k) spotted at Sheremetjevo by Paul Nann;

Four-engine turboprop airliner. About 800 were built, and approximately 25 entered military service as VIP transports. It was also developed into the Il-20 ELINT aircraft and the Il-38 maritime patrol aircraft.

Some Il-18s also carried loads of electronic equipment, and were officially described as research aircraft.

Modifications :
  • ELINT aircraft Il-20;
  • Maritime patrol Il-38 ;

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  • Just a small 5k;
  • (43k) (26k) (27k) looks like some ECM/ELINT conversions, equipped by radar radomes or/and special pods;
  • (27k) genuine Il-18 at Sheremeteyvo-I, photos by Paul Nann;

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