Technical data
Type Il-28
Function bomber
Year 1948
Crew 3
Engines 2*2740kg VK-1
Wing Span 21.45m
Length 17.65m
Wing Area 60.80m2
Empty Weight 12890kg
Maximum Weight 21000kg
Speed 900km/h
Ceiling 12300m
Range 2180km
Guns 4*g23mm
Bombs 3000kg

Il-28, S.V.Ilyushin 'Beagle'/'Mascot'

(47k) From Ned Avejic collection;

The first Soviet mass production jet bomber. It was an orthodox design with a straight wing, swept tail plane, and two big underwing engines, copies of the Rolls-Royce Nene. It was a successful type that was exported to over 20 countries.

Now last 5 Soviet-built Il-28's may be still in service with Egypt, but some 650 Chinese Hong-5 are in service with China, N.Korea and Romania.

ModificationsFollowing Design
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