Technical data
Type Il-2 (M-82)
Year 1941
Crew 2
Powerplant (1)
Type M-82
Takeoff Power 1675hp
Cruise Power 1400
Size (m)
Length 11.6
Wingspan 14.6
Wing area 38.5m2
Weights (kg) and Loads
Empty 3935>
Takeoff 5655
Wing Load (kg/m2) 147
Power load (kg/hp) 3.4
Speed (km/h)
at 0m 365 (382 S/S)
at 2500m 396 (421 S/S)
Landing 147
Roll (m)
Landing 515
Takeoff 524
Range (km)
Range 700
Ceiling (m)
Ceiling 7500
Climb (min)
1000m 1.8
5000m 10.6
Guns 2*g20mm ShVAK
2*7.62mm ShKAS
1*12.7mm UBT
Bombs 400kg
Rockets 8* RS-132mm

Il-2 (M-82), Il-4, S.V.Ilyushin

86k Il-2 with M-82 engine, courtesy of Sergey Andreev

This development was initiated after fall of Smolensk to Germans on 16 July 1941 placed Moscow in imminent danger and forced evacuation of Mikulin engine works (producing AM-38 engine) to a location behind the Ural mountains. There was a clear risk of shortages with this engine until production re-started at new location.

But in May 1941 1676hp M-82 production started in Perm (Siberia). This engine was available in large amounts, so S.V.Ilyushin Design Bureau started a project to adapt alternative engine to the Il-2.

M-82 engine mounting was unarmored (due to better survivability of air-cooling engines) and mounted lower to retain aircraft thrust line and minimize pilot view restrictions. As a result, aircraft had a distinctive humped nose appearance. Armored gunner position with 12.7mm UBT machine gun was surrounded with a glazed covering. More conical spinner with new propeller were fitted, fuel tank capacity was increased to 724 litres. Aircraft was ready in September 1941, and was presented on State Acceptance trials in February 1942.

Performance of Il-4 were found slightly inferior to Il-2, but at the moment of decision making it became clear that there will be no shortages with AM-38 engine. Plus the M-82 had its optimal performance at altitudes well above those needed for the Stormovik. Project was cancelled and designation Il-4 was allocated to DB-3F long-range bomber;

M-82 engine became a success of its own, and 70,000 engines were built. They were used to power S.A.Lavochkin La-5, La-5FN and La-7, as well as the A.N.Tupolev Tu-2 bomber.

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  • 'Il-2 Stormovik in action' by Squadron/Signal

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