Technical data
Type Il-38
Function reconnaissance/ASW
Year 1971
Crew 12
Engines 4*4250hp G.A.Ivchenko AI-20M
Length 39.57m
Speed 724km/h
Ceiling 11000m
Range 7240km

Il-38, S.V.Ilyushin 'May'

(90k) from US Navy Photos, as seen on Roy Cochrun's Page;

Maritime patrol and ASW aircraft, developed from the Il-18. The Il-38 has a short front fuselage and a much longer aft-fuselage, and two bomb bays.

In 2001 serious modification program started. All-digital computer-base 'Novel' ASW system is to replace aged 'Berkut'. In addition to existing sensors array, infrared system will be added. Wide variety of jammers, decoys and missile warning system will provide aircraft with better defenses. There are also plans to arm Il-38 with short-range AA missiles.

Modification may extend service of the plane by 15 years.

In August 2001, Russia still had 35 Il-38s in active duty, five more - in service with Indian AF. Indian Il-38s are to be upgraded with 'Sea Dragon' ASW system (export version of 'Novel').

About 100 were built.

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