Technical data
Type Il-46
Function Medium range bomber
Year 1952
Crew 3
Engines 2*5000kg Lyulka AL-5
Length 24.5m
Wingspan 29.0m
Wing area 105.0m2
Empty weight 26300kg
Takeoff weight
Normal 41840kg
Overload 52425kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 398.5/499.3
Maximum Speed 928km/h
Cruise Speed 700km/h
Landing Roll 673m
Takeoff Roll 1335m
Range 4970km
Ceiling 12700m
Guns Forward: 2*23mm NR-23
Backward: 2*23mm NR-23 in Il-K8 remotely controlled turret;
Bombs (inside) 3000kg
6000kg with overload

Il-46/Il-46S, S.V.Ilyushin

This and other illustration on this page are courtesy of 'Russkaja Sila' AKA 'Russian Power'

Experimental jet bomber design, a development of the Il-28. The main goal was to develop a practical approach to medium-range (3000...5000km) bomber with bombload 3000...5000kg at speed 900...1000km/h. One of the key question was choice between straight (maximum range) and swept (higher speed) wing.

Tight time restrictions (and more familiar scheme) helped the straight-winged aircraft to roll out first. It had striking similarity to the Il-28, but was larger and heavier. To operate from unpaved airfields, Il-46 had paired wheels in the landing gear. Main gear retracted into engine nacells. To keep cross-section of nacells as small as possible one wheel of the pair was retraced forward, another - backward. This was in harmony with engine nacells layout: long nacell contained the engine in front section and 5m long exhaust pipe. Preliminary design was presented in October 1951, expected speed was 900...925km/h.

To ease takeoff of overloaded bomber from short airstrips pair of solid rocket boosters could be installed on the tail section of the fuselage.

Crew of there (pilot, navigator-operator, radio operator/gunner) was located in two pressurized cabins, equipped with ejection seats. All 'workplaces' were well armored, total armor weight achieved 880 kg.

Straight and swept wing
on the Il-46

Il-46 with straight wing was flown first time on March 3, 1952 (pilot V.K.Kokkinaki). Maximum speed 928km/h was demonstrated. With 5000kg 'bombload' (dropped halfway) its range was 4845km. Following state trials (Spring 1952) confirmed that Il-46 characteristics are in full agreement with TZ.

Il-46S design was ready in December 1951. 35° (at 25% of the chord) swept wing had larger area. To keep structural strength, its root section was made much thicker. This measure also allowed to accommodate more fuel. Speed of this version was expected 1000km/h.

In 1952 Tu-16 production started. As a result Il-46S was not finished, and the program was terminated.

One prototype was built and flown, the second one not finished.

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Il-46S with swept wing None?

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