Technical data
Type Il-62M-200
Function Long-Range passenger
Year 1970
Crew 5
Engines 4*11,000kg D-30KU
Length 53.12m
Height 12.35m
Wingspan 43.3m
Wing area 282.2m2
Empty weight 71,000kg
Loaded weight 165,000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 585
Cruising Speed 875km/h
Cruising Altitude 11,000m
Landing Speed ?km/h
Landing Demand 2,800m
Takeoff Demand 3,000m
Payload 10,000kg 10,300km+1h
Payload 23,000kg 8,000km+1h
Ceiling 11,000 to 13,000 m
Fuel 105,000l
Cabin size LxWxH ?x3.49x2.12m3
Seats up to 198
Cargo 23,000kg

Il-62M-200 by S.V.Ilyushin (NATO 'Classic')

Original Il-62 was sharply criticized for its operational economy, and in 1970 new version was announced. New D-30KU turbofan provided not only 12% fuel economy, but also more thrust. New aircraft was designated Il-62M-200 (or just Il-62M), it became more competitive with Western types. It is capable to carry 60% more payload than its predecessor.

Engines upgrade was not the only modification. Extra 5,000l fuel tank was installed in the tailfin. Clamshell-type thrust reversers were introduced on the outer engines. Rearrangement of passenger cabins allowed to accommodate up to 198 passengers in the economy-only configuration. Automatically-controlled container baggage system was introduced. Navigational and radio equipment was upgraded, and Category 2 automatic flight control system by Category 3 one.

In June 1975 Il-62M performed over-the-Pole flight Moscow-Seattle. It holds also some performance records(?).

Il-62M was in production until 1993. In service until now, some even are custom converted into VIP aircraft!


Il-62MK with strengthened wing

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