Technical data
Type Il-76T 'Candid-A' Il-76TD 'Candid-?'
Function transport
Year 1974?
Crew 7?
Engines 4*120kN Soloviev D-30KP
Wingspan 50.5m
Length 46.59m
Wing Area 300m2
Weight 170000kg?
Maximum Speed 850km/h?
Cruise Speed ?750km/h
Ceiling 15500m
Range 6500km4000km
Maximum Load Range ?2880km
PayLoad 47000kg50000kg
Cargo volume ?180m3

Il-76, S.V.Ilyushin 'Candid'/'Midas'/'Mainstay'

Photo (32k) by Darryl Haynes, see more on at AVION FOTO

Similar in appearance to the U.S. C-141 but superior in many respects, the Il-76 is the main transport aircraft of the Soviet forces. It is also used by civil operators. The military version often has a tail gun turret and ECM equipment. It is a much-used platform for other missions, including the Il-78 'Midas' tanker and A-50 'Mainstay' AWACS aircraft.

A version of the Il-76 as a firefighting aircraft carrying 42000 liters of fire retardant also exists. Iraq development its own AWACS system, called 'Adnan', from the Il-76.

Modifications :
  • Tanker/Firefighter Il-78 'Midas' ;
  • AWACS aircraft A-50 'Mainstay';

  • Three photos (17k, 22k, 15k) from Bob Christ report about North Pole Skydiving Expeditions.

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