Technical data
Type Il-8
Function Long-range attacker
Year 1943
Crew 2
Engines 1750/2000hp AM-42
Length 12.93m
Wingspan 14.6m
Wing area 39.0m2
Empty weight 5245kg
Loaded weight 7250kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 186
Power load (kg/hp) 3.6
Max. Speed at 0m 435km/h
Max. Speed at 2240m 470km/h
Landing Speed 132km/h
Takeoff Roll 318m
Range 1180km
Ceiling 6800m
1000m 1.97min
3000m 6.2min
Fuel+Oil 740+86kg
Guns 2*23mm VYa-23
2*7.62mm ShKAS
defensive 12.3mm UBT
Bombs 1000kg, up to 500kg each
Rockets ?

Il-8, S.V.Ilyushin

23k b/w "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.254

Long-range development of the Il-2 armored attacker.Size and weight were increased without major changes in design. Four-blade propeller was installed. Main landing gear was replaced by single-strut one (like on the Il-10), retractable flat-backwards into the well with 90° turn. This allowed to eliminate wing fairings typical for the Il-2 and improve the wing quality.

20k b/w "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.254

With two 500kg bombs range of Il-8 was over 1000km (at cruise speed 305km/h). Guns were same as on contemporary Il-2. Despite Il-8 fulfilled all expectation, long range strike aircraft of this kind was found unnecessary.

No production followed.



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