Technical data
Type IP-1
Function fighter
Year 1934? 1936
Crew 1
Engines 1*635hp M-25
Wing Span 10.97m
Length 7.23m
Wing Area 19.98m2
Speed 410km/h
Range 1000km
Armament guns: 2x20mm
machine guns: 6x7.62mm

IP-1 / DG-52, D.P.Grigorovich

Low-wing monoplane fighter. The IP-1 prototype carried two 76mm (?)recoilless guns, with five rounds each; two 7.62mm guns were fitted to assist in aiming. But production aircraft carried a more conventional armament of two 20mm cannon and six 7.62mm. guns.

During factory trials IP-1 was flown on skis undercarriage, replaced later by wheels. State trials took place in January-March 1935.

90 were built.

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