General Information
Type IS-2
Function Experimental Fighter
Year 1941
Crew 1
Type M-88
Power at 0m 1100hp
Length 7.36m
Wingspan 8.6m
Wing area (takeoff) 20.83m2
Wing area (cruise) 13.0m2
Weights and loads
Loaded 2180kg
Wing load (takeoff) 105
Wing load (cruise) 168
Power load (kg/hp) 2.90
Speed (estimated?)
at 0m 466km/h
at 6700m 588km/h
Range (estimated?)
Flight Endurance 1h12min
Fuel ?kg
2*7.62mm ShKAS
2*12.7mm UBS

IS-2 (I-220), V.V.Nikitin and V.V.Shevchenko

54k b/w IS-2 photo from 'Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War'
Courtesy of Thomas Heinz

Development of the IS-1, planned as a pre-production aircraft. The IS-2 had a smaller-diameter (and more powerful) engine and generally cleaned up lines. It was flown, but did not enter trials program. Analysis suggested that wing area should be decreased to 17m2 (or even to 14m2). But in this case all advantages in takeoff/landing were too small to justify extra weight of the wing retraction mechanism .

Concerns remained also about the complexity and vulnerability of the wing retraction mechanism.

Drawing (24k) provided by Dean McGinnes

One built.


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  • IS-2
  • I-220, Nikitin-Shevchenko
  • IS-2, Shevchenko-Nikitin
  • IS-2 profile in Polsky
  • Special thanks to Dean McGinnes for providing drawings and historical info.

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