Technical data
Type IS
Function fighter
Year 1939
Crew 1
Engines 1*1100hp Tumansky M-88

I-220, IS ("Iosif Stalin"), A.V.Silvansky

A.V.Silvansky graduated in 1937. He had absolutely no experience in aircraft design, but... he was son-in-law of some VERY important person. So he became a head of a design team (very good one), and started to work on the I-220.

Despite ambitious designation, 'Iosif Stalin' became one of the most laughable aircraft ever built in the USSR. The IS was a low-wing monoplane fighter of mixed construction, similar to I-16 but with longer fuselage and lower landing gear.

It was found out that, due to a 'miscalculation' the undercarriage wouldn't fit in the wheel wells, so it was shortened. Then the propeller had to be cropped to achieve ground clearance. The test pilot managed to get it up to 300m and land safely, then declared it airworthless.

The 'Son-In-Law' was kicked out from the aviation forever.

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