'Ivanov' Project

In the beginning of 1936 in Soviet Union several design bureaus initiated creation of multi-purpose aircrafts. There was a contest between design bureaus lead by D.P. Grigorovich, S.A. Kocherigin, I.G. Neman, N.N. Polikarpov and P.O. Sukhoi. This secret contest-project was named 'Ivanov'. General outline of the aircraft was a monoplane capable to carry both reconnaissance and short range bombing missions. Leadership of the VVS expressed serious concerns about faith of Soviet reconnaissance aviation. Indeed, during last five years no one of produced recco's fulfilled all expectations.

To cover as wide variety of options as possible, P.O. Sukhoi was ordered to build whole-metal aircraft, D.P. Grigorovich and N.N. Polikarpov - mixed design, I.G. Neman - whole wooden. All projects had to include several identical parts as landing gear, engine, armament.

'Ivanov' by D.P.Grigorovich remained only on paper because sudden death of designer. Neman's aircraft was not finished. At the end of 1938 took off Polikarpov's 'Ivanov'. Later was flight-tested 'Ivanov' (ANT-51) of P.O.Sukhoj. It became a prototype of Su-2 close support bomber.

But outcome of contest was rather symbolic : required aircraft was already developed and built by I.G. Neman well before the contest started. It was the R-10/KhAI-5.

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