Technical data
Type Ka-137
Function Observation
Year 1998
Engine ?
Fuselage diameter 1.3m
Height ?m
Rotor diameter ?m
Empty weight ?kg
Loaded weight 280kg
Power load (kg/hp) ?
Speed at 0m 175km/h
Range 530km
Patrol at 50km from the base 4h
Ceiling (hovering) 3000m
1000m ?min
Fuel ?kg
Equipment compartment 0.57m3
Equipment 80kg

Ka-137 pilotless probe by Kamov OKB

33k b/w photo from Ka-137 page;

Multi-purpose robot helicopter. Fuselage is a sphere (radius 1.3m), separated into two essentialy independent compartment. Upper half contains powerplant, fuel, electric and control systems. Lower half can carry custom set of sensors: radar, visual and infrared cameras, radiation detectors and necessary transmitters.

Unlike previous generation of pilot-less helicopters, Ka-137 does not depend on remote controls. It is fitted with satellite navigation system and digital autopilot, capable to operate in radio-silence mode and reach designated point with 60m radius, day or night.

Ka-137 can carry out missions at speeds from 0 to maximum. It does not require any special launch equipment and may be operated even from small ships like patrol boats. It's composite fuselage is designed to serve in conditions of open sea and protect all vital mechanisms from corrosion.

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