General Information
Type Ka-18
Function Utility
Year 1956 1960
Crew 1 or 2
Powerplant (1)
Type AI-14V AI-14VF
Power 255hp 275hp
Length (fuselage) 7.03m
Height ?m
Rotor Diameter 9.96m
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 1040 1032
Loaded 1460 1502
Disc load 18.71 19.25
Power load (kg/hp) 5.73 5.46
Speed (km/h)
Maximum 145 160
Range (km)
Practical ? 300 to 750
Ceiling (m)
Service 3000 3500
Fuel (internal) 176l
Fuel (external) 2*70l
Cargo 350kg 450kg
  • 1 ambulance stretcher + 1 attendant
  • 3...4 passengers
  • Ka-18, N.I.Kamov

    14k color photo from Ka-18 page at Official Kamov Site

    Stretched version of Ka-15/ Ka-15M. In the original Ka-18 configuration, only fuselage design was revised: length was increased by 1.13m to enable ambulance stretcher to be carried internally. In passenger version added room could be used for additional passenger(s) and/or baggage. Fuselage cover - all metal, ply elements seen at Ka-15 finally abandoned. Sliding panels of the predecessor was replaced by large car-type doors.

    To balance this the rear fuselage was extended and fin area increased. Engine, transmission, rotors, control system and undercarriage were same as on Ka-15. Since the powerplant was not changed, additional weight of enlarged fuselage had to be compensated by smaller fuel capacity.

    Cabin heating, liquid de-icing for the rotor and windscreen, compressed air engine starter and all-weather instrumentation added much to helicopter functionality in harsh climate of the Soviet North. Ka-18 rotor blades were detachable for stowage - very useful for shipborn ice or fishery reconnaissance, or on warships. Without rotors Ka-18 measures only 7.03x2.84x3.35m3.

    Ka-18 could be converted by adding/removing special equipment to fulfill following duties:

    First experimental Ka-18 was flown October 13 1956 by pilot D.K.Efremov. Production at Ulan-Ude was launched in 1958. Ka-18 made appearance at number of International Air Shows (New-York, Mexico, Havana, Prague et al). In 1958 at Brussels helicopter won the Golden Medal.

    Ka-18 with AI-14VF
    Ka-18 from Ka-15 and Ka-18 page

    In 1960 boosted version of the AI-14V engine became available. Extra horsepowers allowed to increase payload by 100kg and operational ceiling by 500m. New modification carried same Ka-18 designation and could be identified by increased tailfin chord.

    In May 1959 Ka-18 established a speed record (169.3km/h) on 500km closed circuit.

    Known service: Moldavian and Ukrainian Directorates of Aeroflot;

    About 200 built.

    Drawing of early production (small fins) Ka-18 from Virtual Aircraft Museum
    Used for background on this page.
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