General Information
Type Ka-22
Function Experimental Transport
Year 1960
Crew 5
Type 2*D-25VK
Power 2*5500hp
Length ?m
Height ?m
Wingspan 23.8m
Rotor diameter 22.5m
Wing area ?m2
Weights and loads
Empty ?kg
Loaded 37500kg
Maximum 42500kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 3.86
Maximum operational 350km/h
Practical 1100km
Dynamic 5500m
Fuel 6000kg
Cargo (assault troops) 5000kg
Maximum load 16500kg
Cabin size LxWxH (m3) 17.4x3.1x2.8

Ka-22 by N.I.Kamov (NATO 'Hoop')

Ka-22 ready for record
75k color Ka-22, with vertical red marks painted probably for speed record flights. Courtesy of Kamov KB official site

Until the modern Ka-60/62 appeared, the Ka-22 was the only non-coaxial helicopter built and flown by Kamov OKB. It was a heavy-lift machine, probably built to challenge M.L.Mil Mi-6, which was still under development in 1961.

For vertical takeoff and landing Ka-22 used horizontally-opposed main 4-blade rotors, mounted together with the D-25VK engines on the tips of tapered stub-wings. Horizontal cruise propulsion was provided by pair of small 4-blade tractor propellers, driven by the same engines. In horizontal flight lift was provided by both stub-wings and lift rotors, disconnected from the engines and operating in auto-rotation mode. Turbine exhaust jet pipes could be turned downwards to assist in takeoff as well. Though, the Ka-22 may be considered an airplane, helicopter and autogiro - all in one.

Ka-22 flying
51k color Ka-22, with airdynamic fairing covering the wheels. Courtesy of Kamov KB official site

Some sources trace the project back to 1951, when I.P.Bratukhin was working on similar layouts. All Bratukhin's proposals were shelved when his bureau ws disbanded.

Essentially a transport machine, Ka-22 had rear loading fuselage with capacity of An-12 cargo aircraft. Flight desk was raised high above the glazed nose, providing crew with very good sight for landing at small openings.

First flight took place on April 20, 1960. Ka-22 was flown by D.K.Yefremov, V.M.Evdokimov, V.B.Alperovich, E.I.Filatov, Yu.I.Emelianov. its public appearance at 1961 Tushino Airshow attracted interest of the public, but little was heard about Ka-22 since the event.

Flown by D.K.Yefremov and V.V.Gromov, Ka-22 established number of records, still intact. On October 7, 1961 a speed record of 356.3km/h over 15-25km. On 100km circuit also record was established: 336.76km/h. Later in November - six weight lift records with a flight to 2,528m with 16,485kg payload.

Four machines were built in 1959- 1963: one (flown in 'A' and 'AB' variants) at Lubertsy experimental plant and three at Tashkent ('AM' variant, pre-series?).

Bratukhin designs of 40's? None
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