Technical data
Type Ka-26
Function utility
Year 1970
Crew 1-2
Engines 2*325hp Vedeneyev M-14V-26
Rotor diameter 42 feet 8 inches
Speed 170km/h
Ceiling 3000m
Range 1200km
Empty Weight 4300lb
Load 900kg
Gross Weight 7165lb

Ka-26, N.I.Kamov 'Hoodlum'

This is photo (40k) of Ka-126, but Ka-26 is seen just next in background. Photo from Sergei's Aviation Page, maintained by Sergej Podshivalov

Small utility helicopter. Most of the fuselage is rectangular, removable box.

850 built.

  • Development with one engine : Ka-126
  • Recent modification : Ka-226

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